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2015/16 Music Tours and Cruises

BLUEGRASS & Country Music Cruise

Visiting these destinations: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Darwin, Airlie Beach, Brisbane and Sydney

Featuring: exclusive concerts and workshops presented by a host of outstanding Australasian Bluegrass and Country Music bands and personalities, including:

  • Bluegrass Parkway
  • Coolgrass
  • Pete Denahy
  • Karen Lynne
  • The Hillbilly Goats
  • Paul Trenwith
  • Matthew & The Mandarins
  • The Company

Tour dates: 20 October to 5 November 2015

This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle aboard a luxurious cruise liner, listen to lots of fabulous music, and see some of Asia and Australia’s
most beautiful and interesting cities and regions. The Bluegrass and Country Music Cruise package includes sightseeing coach tours in all ports of call. Most of all, the Bluegrass and Country Music Cruise includes a host of concerts, workshops and other events, featuring the stars of Australasian bluegrass and country music. The Bluegrass & Country Music Cruise has been designed to appeal to (1) bluegrass/country music fans, as well as (2) bluegrass/country music players. Those who play and sing, please bring your instruments & voices on the cruise!

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